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My name is Juris and I'm a Web Developer.

Thanks for visiting my site, an online portfolio of my digital creative work.

I am currently open for any new freelance work.



Full online auction site build

SDK Golda

SDC Golda

Design / CMS


Sport dance TV

Design / CMS

Drukas sistēma

Dažādas iekšējās sistēmas

Different internal company systems

I have been working as a professional at IT user support for many years. At the moment I am working on my own site along with some other small web projects.

I specialise in full WEB site development and working with databases, flash and jQuery to enhance the user experience. I also have experience with PHP development and building sites for various different content management systems.

These are examples of some projects I have worked on recently.

This is my personal project. It started some years ago to help my wife's business. Now it is a public online auction, probably the best and definatly the fairest place in the World.



This is a web page for Sport dance club GOLDA. Completed web site, including flash animations, CMS and forum.



Another project about sport dancing. I've designed and built it with an intension to make it a popular web site for thematical sport dance videos. In the future it will be open for sport dancing clubs and fans to participiate, watch and insert videos.



Different internal company systems: cartridge ordering, absence board, hardware accounting, contacts page etc.


Born and raised in Plavinas, Latvia, I graduated from Riga Technical University with a degree in Electric engineering Science in 1999 but have not been working with electrics ever since.

I've started coding for simple databases, as result came out Riga Municipality police administrative violation protocol database. Later I had to improve my programming skills, when I had to fulfil my wife demands for a web auction place :). I have been working for an Irish company to make ads with Flash, so I quickly had to learn Flash and Actionscript. With futher projects comming appiered the need to improve skils on CSS and jQuery to attract customers and users. Now I'm starting to look on OOP side - so I've to learn something new every day.

That's me!

You can send me a message using the form on the right and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can.